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As the world of information security is becoming more complex every day , at FortyLine we help the organizations to focus on multiple critical security technologies and solutions considering the integration between them .

Below we have highlighted some of those solutions and how we can assist in the related projects or needs for them.


Network Security

It’s well known that Firewalls are very critical components of any network security, however, to have an effective network security there are other security technologies required to be in an integrated and collaborative security environment.


At FortyLine we assist you in evaluating the right Firewall for your environment considering other security components and future expansions.

Application security

Web application vulnerabilities can allow multiple attacks that will give unauthorized access to the attacker or damage your application,


One of the well know attacks is SQL injection. A successful SQL injection exploit can read sensitive data from the database, modify database data (Insert/Update/Delete),execute administration operations on the database, and in some cases issue commands to the operating system.

At FortyLine we assist you in in having the right web application security solution to cover all the related aspects and potential attacks making sure your web applications are secured and optimized to provide the best performance along with the best security.

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Advanced threat protection

There are some sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks that are targeting sensitive data, which will require special security solutions to defend against them ( ATP ) .

One of the main roles of ATP is to detect potential threats before they can access critical data or breach systems.

Enterprises that implement advanced threat protection are better able to detect threats early and more quickly formulate a response to minimize damage and recover if an attack occur.

At FortiLine we assist you in choosing the proper ATP solution which can be on a dedicated hardware appliance, virtual machine or as cloud service.

Endpoint security

It’s a fact that every connected endpoint to the corporate network is a potential entry point for cyber criminals.

In 2018 there was 22 billion connected devices , which is predicted to rise to 38 billion devices by 2025 and 50 billion devices by 2030.

Endpoint security main purpose is to protect devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets from cyberattacks.


End Point Security Software enables businesses to protect devices that employees use for work purposes either on a network or in the cloud from cyber threats.

In FortyLine we understand the importance of end point security solution and we make sure to assist the organizations to get the right one , considering the integration with other security solutions in order to achieve the best visibility and security in the environment.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security which is also commonly known as cloud computing security and consists of a set of policies, procedures, technologies, and controls that work together to protect systems in the cloud-based system.

Cloud computing is often more secure than on-premises computing as in general cloud providers have more resources for keeping data secure than individual businesses do, which lets cloud providers keep the  infrastructure up to date and patch vulnerabilities .


At FortyLine we assist you in selecting the right cloud security solution for your business to get the best from the cloud and ensure your organization is protected from unauthorized access, data breaches and other threats.

Date loss/Leakage prevention ( DLP )

DLP enables businesses to detect data loss, as well as prevent the transfer of sensitive data outside the organization.

It is also used to help organizations with data security and ensure they comply with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

DLP security enables businesses to classify, identify, and tag data and monitor activities and events surrounding it.

At FortyLine we understand it is crucial to ensure that business-critical and sensitive data should be secured at all times, no matter where it is located. We help the organizations to have the proper solution selected with the right classification of data which is very critical to have DLP working effectively.

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Behavior analytics

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) give you more of a comprehensive way to make sure that your organization has top-notch IT security, while also helping you detect users and entities that might compromise your entire system.

They detect any anomalous behavior or instances when there are deviations from these “normal” patterns. For example, if a particular user regularly connect to the organization network from 8 AM to 5 PM every day but suddenly he is connected at 11 PM accessing organization data, the system would be able to detect this anomaly and send alert about it immediately. 

At FortyLine we help the organization in the evaluation between UEBA technologies to make sure they get the best choice considering the integration with AI and machine learning solution which are critical components of any enterprise security environment that can provide the best outcomes when integrated with UEBA.

Email security

Email is the most important communications tool for business, attacks using email are growing both in volume and sophistication. Email based threats can vary including spam, ransomware, business email compromise, advanced and zero-day exploits.


Email security solutions provide the front line of defense for the organization's largest attack surface, they are expected to provide a broad range of capabilities to protect and secure all inbound and outbound email traffic. This remains important even as organizations move from on-premise email servers to cloud providers, like Microsoft 365 (M365) or G-Suite.


At FortyLine we help the organizations to qualify the best email security solution to choose as we consider what was noticed recently that the organizations are increasingly selecting email security vendors who not only offer on-premise physical and virtual appliance options but also have a cloud-ready version of their solution in the form of a Software-as-a-Service solution or flexible deployment into public clouds.

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